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Domino’s Pizza increases incremental sales by 40% with SMS campaigns

Domino’s Greece is a division of Daufood, the largest franchise of Domino’s Pizza worldwide based on the number of markets in which it operates. Daufood manages the brand’s rights in 14 European countries, including Malta, Portugal, and Austria, and operates 38 Domino’s stores in Greece.
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The pizza company was looking for new ways to reach customers to increase sales – they wanted to see how much more revenue they could bring in by adding SMS compared to the sales they would have gotten without it. “For us, incremental sales are really important. This is how we drive growth,” says Christos Athanasoulis, Regional Digital Marketing Coordinator at Domino’s Pizza Portugal, Central Europe, and South-Eastern Europe.

A growing number of customers in Greece were using their mobile devices for things like ordering food, thus the team decided to implement SMS as a communication channel. They needed a partner that could meet the following requirements:

  • Speed and ownership: It was important for the team not to depend on an external agency for maintenance or campaign implementation. Domino’s wanted to use its technical team to deploy the solution quickly and for the marketing team to configure and test campaigns on their own, saving costs and time.
  • Integration with CRM: The team needed an SMS API that could integrate with their CRM system, so they could trigger automated messages from directly within the CRM once orders were delivered.
  • Reliability at high volumes: It was important to deploy high-volume SMS messages at any given time, regardless of the number of customers they were reaching, while maintaining high delivery rates.
  • Adapt to a flexible budget: The team needed the flexibility to send any amount of messages each month without having to commit to a fixed contract.


Once Domino’s Greece chose to partner with MessageBird, they began deploying successful campaigns that made a positive impact to the business. They included:

Promoting established offers through SMS campaigns
Domino's already had a set of offers and promotions that they traditionally sent via email and were proven to drive conversions. Given the mobile usage of their customer base, they wanted to test how the same offers would perform over SMS. They sent offers at least once a month to over 80,000 customers in their database. The results were strong. Christos says, “We do not doubt that SMS works. We can see in our dashboards how these campaigns drive sales in real-time.”


Reactivating dormant customers with triggered messages
Customers who had not purchased in the past 30-days, 60-days, or 1-year were reactivated with limited-time offers and special promotions. Instead of sending these campaigns through email, the marketing team could target these smaller groups of customers more effectively with SMS campaigns.

Increasing NPS survey conversion rates
To increase NPS survey completion rates, the team automated an SMS message 30-minutes after each order was delivered. By integrating their CRM, the team was able to send these messages automatically whenever an order was confirmed as delivered in the system. SMS campaigns showed 195% better conversion rates than email.


Domino’s Pizza has been a MessageBird customer for over five years now. During that time, they have run numerous successful marketing campaigns.

SMS campaigns now reach over 80,000 Domino’s customers monthly, and have better conversion rates compared to email campaigns. These conversions have resulted in more orders for Domino’s, consistently driving 40% higher incremental sales revenue than other channels.

Because of these results, the team will try SMS in more countries and also start experimenting with Viber and WhatsApp for marketing campaigns via MessageBird.

“When we compare our 360 campaign performance with and without SMS, we can see 40% higher incremental sales revenue from customers responding to SMS offers.”
–Christos Athanasoulis,Regional Digital Marketing Coordinator at Domino's Pizza Portugal, Central Europe, and South-Eastern Europe
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