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We have partnered with Google to launch Rich Communication Services and modernize the standard for global text messaging.

Modernisieren Sie Ihr Messaging-Erlebnis

Custom Branding

Create advanced interactive elements that strengthen and extend your branding. Add information about your business, share branded imagery, and more.

Vorgeschlagene Aktionen

Allow customers to easily add events to their calendar, save tickets to their wallet app, and more with clickable action buttons at the bottom of your conversation thread.

Vorgeschlagene Antworten

Facilitate quick responses and interations with clickable suggested replies for anything from yes or no answers to appointment time slots, and much more.


Enhance and enliven your conversations with images, videos, maps, and buttons.

Bessere Insights

Track when recipients have read or interacted with your messages.


Easily share high-resolution images, documents, and large files.

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Optimieren Sie Ihre Kundenkommunikation


Share proximate store locations with a map, allow customers to directly download tickets within their wallet applications, receive and respond to support questions with photos, videos, and so much more.


Keep your customers up to date on deliveries with location-sharing, add visual elements to boost the resonance of notifications, and use buttons to facilitate rescheduling, confirmations, and cancellations.


Exchange photos, videos, audio files, locations, and documents, integrate branding elements into your messaging environment, and encourage engagement with buttons, suggested actions, and more.

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