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With MessageBird we reach 800,000 people in the Netherlands within 15 minutes, at a rate of 900 SMS messages per second.

Frank Hoen
Founder, Amber Alert Europe

Straight from our customers

From Levi's
Congratulations! You have won the Levi’s outfit you are wearing. Show your voucher and this SMS to the store staff as a proof of your lucky day!
From TomTom
Your registration code is: 933019
From Fiat
Request for test drive: Fiat 500. Lead: John Smith, +44 7123 456 789. preferred date: 23-09.

TomTom’s clients can register their products online for updates and support. After a request is made an authentication code is sent to the phone number provided at registration. This way TomTom is able to verify whether a device actually belongs to a client.

Levi’s offered their store visitors the chance to win the outfit they were trying on by sending the keyword LEVIS and a unique voucher code to a shared short code. An automatic reply to these SMS messages told visitors whether or not they won the outfit.

On Fiat’s website you can register for a test drive. A request is made by specifying a preferred car model, date and dealer. Fiat’s CRM software immediately sends an SMS message through our SMS Gateway to the best matching dealer to follow up on the lead.

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