The challenges of transport and logistics

The transport and logistics industry is always on the lookout for ways to improve communication to increase speed and quality of service. The world is moving faster than ever, and the industry needs to keep up in terms of efficiency.

Our SMS and voice solutions are perfectly suited to do just that. Add value to your customer services and make sure you have the fastest means of communication to deal with time-critical situations.

Join over 15,000 companies

Over 15,000 companies count on our SMS Gateway, occasionally or on a daily basis.

All about compatibility

Clients use our API through many warehouse and transportation management software programs such as:


Send one-way messages to all parties involved. Reach out to them through our platform with the information you want to share.


Send messages that link to tracking information – so your clients can trace their packages at any given time.

Transport updates

Make sure all parties involved are in the loop on the exact location of their goods and know when to expect delivery.


Make important travel documents available by message. Send out tickets or links to transportation details.


Interact with all parties involved. Make sure they can get in touch with you and are able to reply to your messages via a number or short code.


Inform transporters whenever there are changes regarding routes, schedules or locations and have them confirm their new directions by message.


Send delivery details and have recipients confirm their availability by message (or allow them to suggest another time frame).

Staff planning

Have your software do the difficult task of scheduling staff. Send out messages whenever there is a shift to fill and have the replies fill in the schedule.

Reasons to use SMS, Chat & Voice


You can send SMS, Chat & Voice messages from your own software through our API or integrate our services within the warehouse or transportation management software you are using.


With our unique SmartRouting algorithm we guarantee all traffic through our SMS Gateway runs with maximum efficiency. Whenever there’s a hold-up or the quality of a connection gets low, SmartRouting automatically redirects traffic for optimal service.


We offer unbeatable, worldwide message delivery. We’re globally connected to over 900 operators. Within Europe we have several direct operator connections and we work with trusted partners to provide a combination of direct and one-hop connections.

Only pay for what you need

No setup fees. No monthly fees. Easy payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

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