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Send messages through our website or API and we’ll convert your text to speech. Clients will receive a phone call and hear your message upon answering.

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Have a listen

Use two-factor authentication via text to speech to create an extra layer of safety for both you and your clients.

Update or alert your clients with a call. Remind them about appointments, share urgent information, keep them in the loop.

Communicate your campaigns and promotions in a scalable way. Inform your clients of upcoming sales, products, or events with a voice message.








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Easily integrate our REST API

Easily access our Lookup API. Read up on our developer documentation and connect your CRM software, website or app to Lookup in no time.

Visit the developer docs ⇢
$ curl -X POST \
-H "Authorization: AccessKey test_gshuPaZoeEG6ovbc8M79w0QyM" \
-d "recipients=31612345678" \
-d "body=The voice message to be sent"
$MessageBird = new \MessageBird\Client('ACCESS_KEY');

$VoiceMessage = new \MessageBird\Objects\VoiceMessage();
$VoiceMessage->originator = 'MessageBird';
$VoiceMessage->body = 'This is a test message.';
$VoiceMessage->language = 'en-gb';
$VoiceMessage->voice = 'male';

client =
vmsg = client.voice_message_create('  31612345678', 'Hello World', :reference => 'Foobar')
// The optional parameters.
params := &messagebird.VoiceMessageParams{Reference: "MyReference"}

message, err := client.NewVoiceMessage(
  "Hello World",
const string YourAccessKey = "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY";
const string MessageId = "211e6280453ba746e8eeff7b12582146";

Client client = Client.CreateDefault(YourAccessKey);
MessageBird.Objects.VoiceMessage voiceMessage =
client = messagebird.Client(ACCESS_KEY)
voice_message = client.voice_message_create(
        'This is a test message',
        { 'language' : 'en-gb', 'voice': 'male' }

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