Voice Calling


Amplify your accessibility with Voice. Give your customers a direct way to call you through localized SMS and Voice-capable numbers.

Optimize your communication

SIP-compatible device calling

Use your number to place an internet call to any SIP URI, free of charge.

Local number forwarding

Allow customers to reach you through a local number. We’ll forward their calls to your chosen destination.

Per-second billing

Make sure you don’t pay for a second longer than your calling time.


Upload an audio file of your own which will play once your number is called.


Generate an audio recording using text to speech. Your message will play once your number is called.


Use our record feature to allow your callers to leave a message.

Most Advanced Features

High Quality Calling

We supply our connections from the most reliable carriers in the business, so you can count on our platform to support drop-resistant, clear-sounding calls always. We’ve built a fault-tolerant network that supports all standard codecs for voice compression as well as industry-standard SIP Protocol for VoIP. This way, call quality won’t falter as we continue to expand the platform’s functionalities globally.

Most Advanced Features

Always be accessible

Integrate Voice into your customer experience.

Follow Me service

Set up a forwarding trail for pre-existing numbers, so your callers will always reach someone.

Number expansion

Allow customers who are already texting your Numbers to call in with their questions and concerns.

Call centers

Strengthen your support setup by creating a queueing system for incoming calls that forwards callers to representatives as they become available.

Forward calls directly from your dashboard

Easily customize your forwarding setup within our If-This-Then-That structure. Forward calls to PSTN numbers all over the world, as well as any SIP URI.


If [Always]
Then Forward call to phone number +1 000 000 0000

Coming soon

Features in the works


Thanks to our implementation of SIP standards, the fault tolerance we provide for our current locales will be in place in each additional country where Voice becomes available.

IVR Capacity

We’ll offer the tools to set up entirely automated voice response systems that can be reached through the Number of your choice.

Dashboard Analytics

We’ll be expanding our dashboard data collection to include key analytics like call duration, rates and charges.

Voice API + Documentation

Developers: do not despair! We’ll be coming out with a REST API and supplementary documentation.

Lean on us

We care about keeping our customers happy, so please reach out to us with your questions, comments and suggestions!

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Make a call

$ 0.0132 / minute

Receive a call

$ 0.0033 / minute

Number fee

$ 1 / month

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The prices displayed above are based on a country-wide average. For more detailed information, please get in touch with our sales team.