Use Lookup to clean and update your database. Retrieve accurate, detailed information about any phone number in the world.

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Format examples


Fixed line


Lookup response
"href": "https://rest.messagebird.com/lookup/31642657439",
"countryCode": "NL",
"countryPrefix": 31,
"phoneNumber": 31642657439,
"type": "mobile",
"formats": {
    "e164": "+31642657439",
    "international": "+31 6 42657439",
    "national": "06 42657439",
    "rfc3966": "tel:+31-6-42657439"
HLR response

Paid service

"id": "8ef675d0356ab9c92bf1e58h84795537",
"href": "https://rest.messagebird.com/hlr/8ef675d0356ab9c92bf1e58h84795537",
"msisdn": 31610948431,
"network": 20408,
"reference": null,
"details": {
    "status_desc": null,
    "imsi": "204080010948431",
    "country_iso": "NLD",
    "country_name": "Netherlands",
    "location_msc": "316530",
    "location_iso": null,
    "ported": 0,
    "roaming": 0
"status": "active",
"createdDatetime": "2017-07-24T02:52:30+00:00",
"statusDatetime": "2017-07-24T02:52:30+00:00"

How it works

MessageBird - Provide the phone numbers you want to have checked.

step 1

Supply our API with the phone numbers you’d like to check.

MessageBird - We test them on the mobile network.

step 2

Our API performs an HLR Lookup on the mobile network and identifies the number format.

MessageBird - We complete your basic number information and inform you of availability and provider.

step 3

We complete your number information and inform you of availability and provider.

Most Advanced Features

Free service


Managing phone numbers can get messy. Our free-to-use Lookup service can help you keep things organized by validating numbers and formats, and reduce the amount of messages you send to numbers that are no longer active.

Number format

Find out whether numbers are formatted correctly and format them according to known standards like the national format or E.164. Additionally, filter out numbers that are too long, too short or contain unsupported characters.

Number info

Find out whether your numbers are landlines, mobile numbers or VoIP.

Paid service

Lookup + HLR

MessageBird has its own connection to the SS7 network. This enables us to send an SRI request to retrieve information from the HLR of the network that a number is active on at that point in time. We retrieve the following information.


Find out which country a number belongs to and on which mobile network it is currently registered.

Location IMSI

When a number is visiting in another country this is called roaming. The IMSI provides the current location of a mobile number.

Number Validity

Find out whether the number is currently active, deactivated or was never registered.


Find out whether a subscriber is roaming, which country they are roaming in, and which network they are currently logged on to.

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