Custom solutions for corporates, aggregators and resellers

The mobile messaging industry is a complex space that requires intelligent, fast-adapting solutions for traffic distribution in real time. Whether it’s Mobile Number Portability, roaming subscribers or price elasticity, we reduce these complexities and challenges. Our in-house development and years of experience enable us to provide you with world’s the fastest, most reliable global messaging platform.

900+ Connections

We’re connected to over 900 operators and many OTT applications.

High Performance

We have SLA-based On- and Off-net operator connections in over 135 countries.


We offer the most advanced features and take care of all compliance and regulations.

Delivering your messages


A secure SSL connection sends your messages to our platform. This platform is hosted in two Tier 3 data centers providing full redundancy. When one data center disconnects, the second takes over all traffic. All data is backed up on a daily basis in a third data center.


With our unique SmartRouting algorithm we guarantee that all traffic going through our SMS Gateway runs on maximum efficiency. Whenever there’s a hold-up or the quality of a connection gets low, SmartRouting automatically redirects the traffic for optimal service.


We monitor the worldwide performance of our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our SLA guarantees 99.95% uptime. On the rare occasion that a server goes down or another problem pops up, we directly receive an alert. Our team will take action immediately.

Reasons to use our SMS Gateway

HLR Lookup

Before sending your messages, we perform a live HLR Lookup to guarantee that they’re able to be delivered.

MNP Databases

In countries without HLR Lookup possibilities, we check local MNP databases.

Custom Sender ID’s

We use pre-registered sender ID’s for countries affected by unsolicited traffic and enable you to register your own sender ID.

Localised Numbers

We provide local numbers (Numbers and Short Codes) in over 100 countries so you can optimize your customer interactions.

Delivery Reports

Find out why your messages haven’t reached their destinations in cases of delivery failure with rich status codes.

Bespoke plans crafted specifically for your business