Fortify your security. Use one-time passwords to authenticate account creations and logins within your system.

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To continue, please enter the verification code we’ve just sent you.

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How it works

MessageBird - Provide the phone numbers you want to have checked.

step 1

Your clients provide their phone number when logging into your system or creating an account.

MessageBird - We test them on the mobile network.

step 2

A one-time password (OTP) is generated and sent as an SMS or Voice message.

MessageBird - We complete your basic number information and inform you of availability and provider.

step 3

After entering the verification code, clients will be able to proceed with logging into your system.

Improve your security

Flash messaging

Opt to show your message on a phone’s home screen, so passwords aren’t automatically stored.


Prevent spammers and fraudulent users from logging into your system.


Use Verify with all well-known OTP services such as SecurEnvoy, Dell EMC and SafeNet.

Easily integrate our REST API

Integrate your own one-time password software into our SMS Gateway and add a layer of security to your business. Read our information for developers and connect to over 900 operators worldwide.

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Lean on us

We care about keeping our customers happy, so please reach out to us with your questions, comments and suggestions!

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Integrate Verify for free

Using OTP within your SMS or Voice messaging setup is entirely free. You’ll only pay for the SMS or voice messages you send. No setup fees, no additional costs.

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