The challenges of healthcare

The healthcare sector is currently under pressure. Budget is getting tighter whilst quality requirements keep getting stricter. The industry is struggling to offer superior healthcare amidst cost savings and ever changing regulations.

Our SMS, Chat & Voice solutions are perfectly suited to ease procedures the healthcare industry is dealing with on a daily basis. Reduce costs and start simplifying your everyday operations with the modern mHealth tools we offer.

Join over 15,000 companies

Over 15,000 companies count on our SMS Gateway, occasionally or on a daily basis.

All about compatibility

Clients use our API through many EHR, SCADA or CRM software programs such as:


Send one-way messages to your staff, patients or technicians. Reach out to them through our platform with the information you want to share.

Patient alerts

Remind patients of their appointments and reduce no-shows. You can also send them test results or prescription reminders by message.

Technician alerts

Make sure your technicians receive immediate alerts whenever your infrastructure lets you down. In a medical environment our solutions can literally save lives.

Staff alerts

Notify all of your staff at once in case of emergency. Whether it’s an epidemic outbreak or a divisional crisis: SMS and voice messages make sending alerts easy.


Interact with staff and patients. Make sure they can get in touch with you and are able to reply to your messages via number or short code.

Staff planning

Have your software do the difficult task of scheduling staff. Send out messages whenever there is a shift to fill and have the replies fill in the schedule.


No-shows are time- and cost-inefficient. Reduce them by reminding patients of appointments and offer them the chance to reply when changes are required.


Have your staff follow-up on patients without the hassle of appointments by offering them the possibility to interact through messages.


Add a layer of security to your business. With two-factor authentication by SMS or voice messages you create extra safety for both you and your clients.

Pick-up code

Have patients pick up prescription medication from safe boxes at pharmacies with a unique code they receive by SMS or voice message. It’s both time and cost efficient.

Secure information

Improve security and privacy of patients by granting access to private files only after two-factor authentication by SMS or voice message.

Reasons to use SMS, Chat & Voice


You can send SMS, Chat and Voice messages from your own software through our API or integrate our services within the EHR, SCADA or CRM software you are using.


With our unique SmartRouting algorithm we guarantee all traffic through our SMS Gateway runs with maximum efficiency. Whenever there’s a hold-up or the quality of a connection gets low, SmartRouting automatically redirects traffic for optimal service.


We have local rules and regulations on top of mind. We screen all our employees and provide them access only on a need-to-know basis. And of course we keep your data encrypted (or if you want: delete them straight after delivery).

Only pay for what you need

No setup fees. No monthly fees. Easy payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

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