The challenges of retail

The retail industry is looking for ways to increase sales, but in the modern world it’s not that easy to convince customers to purchase goods or services. Retailers are struggling to gain customer loyalty and are in need of new solutions to improve customer contact.

Our SMS and voice solutions are perfectly suited to do just that. Stop spending money on expensive print advertisements or apps, increase your sales and create customer loyalty with the cost-effective tools we offer.

Join over 15,000 companies

Over 15,000 companies count on our SMS Gateway, occasionally or on a daily basis.

All about compatibility

Clients use our API through many ERP, CRM, fulfilment and supply chain management software programs such as:


Send one-way messages to your customers. Reach out to them through our platform with the information you want to share.


Whether it’s sales coming up, a new collection coming in or other important news – make sure your loyal customers are the first to find out.


Do something extra for your loyal customers. Send them special offers or vouchers for discount on their purchases so they keep coming back.


Let your customers know whenever they can come over to pick up a package or when an item they are interested in is back in stock.


Keep your customers up to date on the details when you are shipping their orders so they know when to expect their package.


Interact with staff and customers. Make sure they can get in touch with you and are able to reply to your messages via a number or short code.


Invite your loyal customers for the special events you are organizing. Have them RSVP to their invitation by replying to your message.


Give your customers the opportunity to win a prize by sending you a message. Reply to let them know whether they are the lucky winners.

Staff planning

Have your software do the difficult task of scheduling staff. Send out messages whenever there is a shift to fill and have the replies fill in the schedule.


Ask your clients for feedback. Send them a message with a specific question to which they can reply, to find out how they feel about your service.

Reasons to use our Gateway


You can send SMS, Chat & Voice messages from your own software through our API or integrate our services within the ERP, CRM, fulfilment or supply chain management software you are using.


With our unique SmartRouting algorithm we guarantee all traffic through our SMS Gateway runs with maximum efficiency. Whenever there’s a hold-up or the quality of a connection gets low, SmartRouting automatically redirects traffic for optimal service.


Research has shown that 95% of mobile phone users open messages within 3 minutes and 84% reply within 1 hour. The amount of people who actually read your message is at least 3 times higher than with any other scalable marketing medium.

Build your database

  • Ask customers for their phone number during in-store sales or within the registration system of your website
  • Have customers participate in giveaways that require them to provide their phone number.
  • Publish your number on marketing material and ask customers to send you an SMS message.

Only pay for what you need

No setup fees. No monthly fees. Easy payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

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