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Reach your customers on the chat platforms they know and love with our omni-channel API.
Facebook Messenger
Engage in rich, in-depth conversations to provide support, share information, and better understand your customers.

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Grow, automate, and scale with Chat

Customer Support

Converse at length with your customers to provide comprehensive support and resolve issues of any complexity.


Gain insights into customer preferences, habits, and opinions by enabling them to share detailed feedback.


Automatically or manually share rich updates, alerts, and reminders with your customers to keep them engaged.

Marketing Campaigns

Use rich media to make the most out of your marketing efforts, with images, videos, audio, buttons and more.

Why use MessageBird Chat

Getting to know your customers is the key to creating an experience that will keep them engaged and satisfied. But finding the right channel to converse at length can be a bit tricky - until now. With the MessageBird Chat API, you can reach customers on the chat platforms they already use and love to make the most out of your interactions.

Rich Media Support

With video-, audio-, image-, and location-sharing capacity, you can bring a whole new dimension of communication to your customer conversations. Whether you’re releasing a new feature based on location-sharing or improving support processes with photo and video capabilities, rich media is a great tool for enhancing your customer experience.

Omnichannel API

When it comes to implementing Chat into your communication infrastructure, we’ve made things as simple as can be. To save you time and loads of work, we’ve created an omnichannel API which allows you to communicate through any and all of our offered channels simultaneously. After a quick and painless setup process to add your new channels, you’ll be able to send and receive messages uniformly, no interface-switching or reformatting necessary.

Optimize your chat experience

Omni-channel API

Build, integrate, and send messages on any and all channels without repeating tasks.

Preferred Platform

Maintain a presence on the chat platforms your customers already use and love.

Data Enrichment

Collect additional points of contact for each customer you converse with via Chat.

Rich Media

Use images, audio, video, and geolocations to enrich and contextualize your conversations.

Easily integrate our Chat API

Seamlessly integrate our Chat API within your CRM software, website, or app and access all our offered channels through a single setup process. Check out our developer documentation and start having rich conversations with your users.

  • curl
  • C sharp
  • Go
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
Visit the developer docs
$ curl -X "POST" "" \
    -H "Authorization: AccessKey test_gshuPaZoeEG6ovbc8M79w0QyM" \
    -d "contactId=8ad304cc5649a68d43cfb5n23110783" \
    -d "type=text" \
    -d "payload=This is a test message."

Scalable Chat pricing

Our pricing tiers are based on Monthly Active Users (MAU) and data storage. We track MAU per month and define them as each active user you converse with at any given time during that month.

Can’t find a plan that suits your needs? Get in touch with our sales team for a custom plan.

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50 MAU
10 GB Storage
5,000 MAU
500 GB Storage
10,000 MAU
1 TB Storage
60,000 MAU
5 TB Storage

All plans include:

Unlimited Messages
Unlimited Apps
Unlimited Channels
Messaging API & Webhooks
The MessageBird Difference

Global coverage

Connect to 900+ global carriers through our fully redundant routing platform with access to extensive feature sets and more.

Speed & Deliverability

Reach customers through our low-latency, fault-tolerant telco stack, streamlined routing profiles, and global carrier network.

24/7 Support

Our offices around the world provide unparalleled support in every time zone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fair Pricing

Our efficient, accurate software and high-volume traffic allow us to offer you the most affordable pricing options on the market.

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