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Amazon Prime Video increases customer engagement with WhatsApp marketing

Amazon Prime Video is one of the world’s largest on-demand video subscription services. With over 200 million subscribers, the service offers a wide selection of content, including shows, movies, events, and Amazon Originals that can be streamed on any device.
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The marketing team at Amazon Prime Video was about to release a new season of LOL: Last One Laughing, and was ready to promote the show to their Mexican audience. Their marketing strategy already included promotion on digital media like Instagram, Facebook, and other channels, but the team wanted to branch out and experiment with more personalized tactics, like messaging. 

With over 57 million users in Mexico, WhatsApp has one of the highest penetration rates over any other messaging platform in the country — and was, therefore, the choice that the Amazon Prime Video team was willing to bet on.

With WhatsApp, Amazon had a plan to engage their audience with “behind the scenes” information about the show, participants, and hosts, as well as utilize rich media features to send them stickers, coupons, and other promotions.

All they needed was a partner to help them execute at scale.


The team at Amazon was introduced to MessageBird by Facebook. Having evaluated other WhatsApp partners, the streaming giant ultimately decided to move forward with MessageBird for its speed of implementation and ability to scale the solution to other shows, audiences, countries, and channels in the future.

MessageBird’s Flow Builder and the WhatsApp API were critical components in Amazon’s plan to put engagement and promotion on autopilot.

Automating engagement on WhatsApp with a chatbot

First, Amazon wanted to leverage WhatsApp chatbots to engage with users. Anytime a user initiated a conversation with their WhatsApp number, the chatbot replied with an interactive list message. Options included getting LOL-themed stickers, redeeming Burger King coupons, watching the show, or learning about the participants and the host.

Since WhatsApp supports rich media, users could then share the stickers with their friends and groups, helping spread awareness of the show. Call-to-action buttons drove users from WhatsApp to Amazon Prime Video’s website, potentially converting them into subscribers.

Driving more followers to their WhatsApp chatbot

With the WhatsApp chatbot up and running smoothly, the team’s next initiative was driving more traffic to it. With MessageBird’s help, they built click-to-chat links and custom QR codes that took users directly from digital ads to their WhatsApp chatbot.

The links employed in ad campaigns and the QR codes embedded in videos and images allowed Amazon Prime Video to drive more users to WhatsApp. A more direct and personal line of communication via WhatsApp meant that Amazon could now easily engage its users by leveraging its promotional content and ultimately drive more people to watch the show.


With MessageBird, Amazon Prime Video was able to create personalized experiences on WhatsApp, driving more awareness of the new season of LOL and increasing its viewership.

More than 70,000+ users engaged with the WhatsApp chatbot, yielding a 97% click-through rate from users who initiated WhatsApp conversations to those who interacted with a list message. LOL season 3 ended up being the most-watched season of the franchise.

"Thanks to MessageBird, we were able to build a creative and engaging campaign that had a great impact on our goals."
Leticia Larrea, Senior Marketing Manager
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