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Account Security

Protect your user accounts with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

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Uber sending two-factor authentication code via SMS to confirm your identity on their platform.

57% of companies report being targeted by online attacks

Avoid compromised accounts and takeovers, which cause billions in damages every year.

Protect against phishing
Prevent agents who disguise themselves as trusted parties from gaining access.
Fortify your user accounts
Block attackers performing high volume login attempts with dictionary attacks.
Add an extra security layer
Protect your users, even if they use insecure passwords, or accidentally forget them.

Keep customers safe from common digital attacks

Integrate two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time passwords (OTP).

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One-time passwords
One-time passwords are only valid for the duration of a login session.
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Two-factor Authentication
Require a separate device, to verify  and confirm a user’s identity.
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Verify with text or call
Send authentication codes using SMS or text-to-speech calls.
Securing accounts with 2FA and OTP helps customers feel safe and develop trust in your business.

Use a platform trusted by over 15,000 companies

Ensure user accounts are safe and secure from the moment they’re created.

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Verify API

Create and send authentication codes via SMS or text-to-speech calls, to protect accounts.Learn more
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Lookup API

Flag suspicious contacts by getting accurate information on numbers in real time.Learn more
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We exclusively use hosting providers that are ISO/IEC 27001 compliant.
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Our employees are screened for expertise, experience and integrity.

Serious about security

We don’t compromise on data protection. MessageBird continuously invests in safeguards and precautions throughout our infrastructure and company policies.


Global compliance support

We help you navigate local and international regulations, with proven experience assisting hospitals, financial institutions and enterprises around the world. Get in touch

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