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Save 40% in SMS
by switching to WhatsApp

MessageBird WhatsApp API enables you to automate OTP customer notifications and authentications

Send 2FA authentication
messages with WhatsApp

Fully encrypted notifications from verified senders

Secure your client accounts and authenticate users in 8 different languages through our built-in verification tools and end-to-end encryption.

Spend less per message

Deliver messages over cellular data or wifi networks and avoid standard costs associated with deploying SMS notifications to your customers.

Omnichannel failover

Send your messages through other channels (SMS, Voice, Messenger, and more) if your WhatsApp OTP and 2FA is not delivered or read.

WhatsApp rich features improve your ROI for OTP and 2FA notifications

Verified Sender

Authorized accounts via stringent Facebook security protocols

Rich Media

Images, videos, voice and locations

Interactive Buttons

Allow user to pick options with buttons

Read Receipts

Two tick feature - sent, received and read

Conversational UI

Users can chat real time 24/7

Reliable protection, worldwide

Secure by design

Enterprise-grade security is built into our platform and products by default.

World-class support

24/7 support for you and your team, with offices in 7 countries.

Global scalability

Built for international laws and regulations, including GDPR and PSD2.

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Build and grow your customers support with Inbox + WhatsApp

The fastest and easiest way to launch and integrate your WhatsApp Business with other messaging channels

WhatsApp Business API

Build, scale, integrate, and quickly move to production with our REST API.

Rapidly prototype in our WhatsApp Sandbox, use the complete WhatsApp feature set, and drive engagement all through a single API.

Talk to customers on WhatsApp using Inbox

Enable your customer service agents to send consistent messages across all of your channels, including WhatsApp.

See historical data and conversations including activities like order information, delivery progress, appointments and bookings - all in one, omnichannel customer thread.

curl -X "POST" "" \\-H "Authorization: AccessKey YOUR-API-KEY" \\-H "Content-Type: application/json" \\
--data '{ "to":"+31XXXXXXXXX", "from":"WHATSAPP-CHANNEL-ID", "type":"text", "content":{ "text":"Hello!" }, "reportUrl":"" }'

Support customers across channels

Inbox has Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Messenger, LINE, WeChat,
and Telegram - and we're rapidly adding new channels.

Learn how to switch your OTP and 2FA notifications to WhatsApp

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