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Boring interactions don't work

Build engaging, personal, data driven experiences.
omnichannel customer support

Slow, impersonal engagements are boring - say something bold

Automate small and big tasks

Start by building simple auto-replies, then expand to full customer journeys. You can automate any workflow.

Reduce data complexity

Flow Builder is the bridge between data silos in your organization. Trigger pipelines to automatically have your data where it needs to be.

Create experiences on every channel

Communicate with customers on every communication channel with full context of orders, support history, and more.

Start from scratch, or pick a template

Build production-ready experiences and connect data across applications with template flows.

Forward SMS to Email

Send an email when you receive a new SMS.

Easy Phone Menu (IVR)

Create voice-based menus for your customers.

Abandoned Cart Engagement

Send a text message to customers who left items in a shopping cart.

Customer Support - SMS

Improve support workflow with automated responses.

Build engaging experiences using data


Pick a trigger such as an incoming message or a new order on your platform.


Add steps to process information (eg language detection), route messages, and make relevant API calls.


Craft your customer experience through programmatic interactions across communication channels.


Design logic to route data and update your systems to reflect the latest updates from customer communications.

Build omnichannel experiences

Enable new types of customer interactions

Flow Builder allows you to create more meaningful customer interactions on the platforms they fluently use— e.g. complete sign-up forms via WhatsApp, exchange rich media on messenger, enable orders via SMS, or schedule appointments on WeChat.

customer support automation messages

Abandoned cart re-engagement

Create powerful experiences to re-engage those customers and drive sales— automatically.

Support with Inbox

Escalate messages to your support team using Inbox, a dashboard for every customer conversation.

Response menus

Use numbers or keywords to route your customer to the right resources.


Automate routine, repetitive answers or send helpful links and resources to address common problems.

User sign up & worker onboarding

Onboard users and workers to your platform through their preferred communication channel.

Appointment scheduling

Use Flow Builder to connect to your scheduling system and eliminate manual rescheduling.

Put your data to work, everywhere

Easily build data pipelines

Empower your contact center with information from your CRM, build pipelines for marketing campaigns, or centralize context from support software.

omnichannel automations

Custom webhooks & HTTP requests

Create data flows between third party sources like Point of Sale Systems (POS), CRMs, fulfillment providers, order processing systems and more.

Connect data cross-functionally

Use Flow Builder to create data pipelines across various sales, marketing, and support tools.

AI-driven customer insights

Enrich customer profiles with insights like preferred language and communication channel.

Insights & simulation

Test and simulate flows, understand live performance, and troubleshoot issues

Simulate flows to test applications or see user experience (without using credits)
See success rates and flow execution histories
Make iterative, versioned improvements
“Flow Builder has alleviated the need for us to spend time and resources on maintaining and expanding our communications offering as we grow, so we can concentrate on what we do best: improving patient experiences.”
Perran Pengelly
Co-founder, CTO
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