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Understand your customers at scale

Build intelligent, automated communication flows using machine learning and natural language processing.

Now available in an exclusive invite-only program.

Powered by Flow Builder. As simple as drag-and-drop.

Automate at scale with simple drag-and-drop machine learning and translation steps.

Automatic translation, at scale.
Named entity recognition
Entity labeling.
Sentiment analysis
Score customer happiness.
Custom machine learning
Tailored to your business.

Translating one message is easy. How about a million?

Just drop a translation step into your flow and voilà: an incoming French message is automatically translated to English.

How happy are your customers? Now you know.

Score messages on sentiment and build logic on this score. Turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer with an automated follow-up message.

True understanding. Completely automated.

Automatically classify named entities into predefined categories such as names of persons, expressions of time, quantities and locations.

Custom machine learning. Relevant to your business.

Define categories that are relevant to your business such as complaints, bookings or requests for information. We then help you train your model, as well as provide out-of-the-box models.

Understand your customers at scale

Learn how you can take advantage of Flow Builder’s machine learning steps.

Get early access
Gain access and get involved in product development.
Understand your customers
Powerful insights on high volumes.
Automate at scale
From 1 message to a million.

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