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Deliver first-class support and drive more sales on Instagram

Use MessageBird’s tools to elevate your customer experience and close sales on your customers’ favorite app through fast, personalized messages that build long-lasting relationships.
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A storefront to billions of business opportunities

Your Instagram Direct Messages can now be integrated into your existing sales and support processes. With MessageBird, turn these conversations into purchases and customers into brand enthusiasts.

Improve every Instagram interaction

Drive sales through conversations, faster

Today’s consumers expect real-time responses from brands. Engage with your customers quickly to increase your conversion rates and close more business.

3x your support team’s productivity

Automate repetitive tasks and replies to common questions, allowing your support team to focus their time on higher priority requests.

Build brand loyalty and customer satisfaction

Enrich your customer interactions and build long-lasting relationships by talking to your customers like your friends — on their preferred channel, always with the right context.

Optimize across the customer journey

Qualify leads

Capture customer information, qualify the user’s data and route them to your sales team.

Uncover insights

Automatically analyze messages with AI to enable quick, effective responses and escalations.

Rapid DM responses

Automated communication flows enable fast, personalized answers to common questions.

Story auto-replies

Instantly reply to any Instagram Story mention — incentivize purchases with coupon codes.

Paths to product expert

Leverage AI and automation to escalate conversations to live product experts.

Get paid in your DMs

Send payment links to your customers to streamline the payment process.

VIP support

Use smart data to prioritize and respond to your most important customers.

Capture key details

Empower your agents to do their best work by gathering order and delivery details up front.


Automated workflows made easy

Create logic with Flow Builder to automatically reply to Story Mentions and Direct Messages. Use automated communication flows to quickly answer common questions, qualify leads through information capture or instantly send personalized replies to Stories.

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One shared inbox for Instagram and all of your customers’ preferred channels

Unify your customer’s interactions from dozens of channels into one place. View past conversations and interact with your customers through a clean and simple UI.

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All channels accessible through one API

Save overhead and developer time by connecting Instagram DMs and all of the world’s most popular communication channels through a single API.

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