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Enable secure and private interactions for your customers

Connect customers with vendors, drivers and other third parties while protecting private contact information.
The world’s largest brands trust Messagebird

Secure user privacy and maintain control of interactions

Localized Numbers

Deploy the right numbers in the right place, showing the expected MCC.

Text & Messaging

Enable Number Masking for text messaging and OTT applications.


Set up Number Masking for conventional or online phonecalls.

Short Codes

Special short phone numbers and keywords available in select countries.

Protect customer data and reduce operational costs

Prevent off-platform interaction

Stay in control of who, how and when your customers communicate with.

Deploy at scale, anywhere in the world

Programmatically activate and allocate localized phone numbers worldwide.

Take advantage of smart number pooling

Automate the activation and recycling of phone numbers for efficient cost management.

msg, err := sms.Create(
"This is a test message.",
var messagebird = require('messagebird')('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');
var params = {
'originator': 'MessageBird',
'recipients': ['31612345678'],
'body': 'This is a test message.'
require 'messagebird'client ='YOUR_ACCESS_KEY')
client.message_create('MessageBird', '31612345678', 'This is a test message.')

import messagebird
client = messagebird.Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY')
message = client.message_create('MessageBird', '31612345678', 'This is a test message.')
MessageBirdService service = new MessageBirdServiceImpl("YOUR_ACCESS_KEY");
MessageBirdClient messageBirdClient = new MessageBirdClient(service);

List<BigInteger> recipients = new ArrayList<>();recipients.add(new BigInteger('31612345678'));
MessageResponse response = messageBirdClient.sendMessage(
"This is a test message.",
$messageBird = new \MessageBird\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');
$message = new \MessageBird\Objects\Message();
$message->originator = 'MessageBird';
$message->recipients = [31612345678];
$message->body = 'This is a test message.';


Create, automate and orchestrate without code

Get up and running in minutes on our reliable APIs with extensive documentations, complete API references and intuitive SDKs.

Baca dokumen
SDK bawaan

Perpustakaan klien dan server dalam segala hal mulai dari Go, PHP, Node, dan banyak lagi.

Panduan migrasi

In-depth migration guides when moving from another service.

Dokumen API ekstensif

Dokumentasi menyeluruh untuk membantu pengembang membangun dengan cepat dan efisien.


Tutorial dan panduan langkah demi langkah yang mudah untuk membantu Anda memulai.

Anda ditangani dengan baik

Di design dengan keamanan tingkat tinggi

Standar produk kami dibuat dengan tingkat keamanan enterprise.

Bantuan kelas dunia

Layanan bantuan 24/7 untuk Anda dan tim, melalui kantor MessageBird di 7 negara.

Memenuhi aturan hukum

Produk kami memenuhi hukum dan peraturan internasional, termasuk GDPR dan PSD2.

Mulailah menawarkan pelanggan Anda pengalaman komunikasi yang lebih baik

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