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Free public health and safety communication to fight COVID-19

Share critical information with people and offer care to patients through the communication channels they use most. Sign up below or reach out to for help.

Help raise awareness and save lives

Use the world’s most popular messaging channels to minimize in-person interactions and keep communities safe and informed. We're making channels free and unlimited for the hospitals, governments, and any essential providers that need to keep people up-to-date and answer critical questions.


Heroes helping the cause

COVID-19 Bantuan bersama di Inggris

Organizing volunteer groups around the UK to help the elderly, high-risk groups, and social isolators.

Central Corona

Providing COVID-19 screening over Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram, connecting patients to online doctors.


A volunteer organization working to bring sick people necessary food and medical supplies.

Money during Corona

Connecting people who have lost their jobs as the result of the crisis with opportunities and resources to get by.


Mass SMS alerting for public safety and awareness

In a public health crisis, SMS is a fast and reliable way to reach people en masse. It's the most popular method of communication globally, allowing you to reach everyone with critical public health and safety information.


Layanan kesehatan jarak jauh melalui Omnichannel untuk diagnosa jarak jauh.

Enable your healthcare professionals to save time, reduce risk, and minimize in-person treatment by moving conversations out of the hospital and onto messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, and more. Let patients send images and audio clips to help identify symptoms, determine severity case-by-case, and provide medical advice to more patients in less time.


Jawab pertanyaan umum dengan chatbot

Use chatbots to reduce manual communications and allow your staff to focus on the most urgent tasks at hand. Provide immediate responses to people reaching out with questions about symptoms, local guidelines, best practices and more.

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Layanan bantuan 24/7 untuk Anda dan tim, melalui kantor MessageBird di 7 negara.

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