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Free communication tools for humanitarian organizations

Share critical information, organize relief efforts, and keep communities safe and informed in times of need.

Bantu tingkatkan kesadaran dan selamatkan hidup orang

Fast, reliable, and helpful communication is more important than ever in times of crisis. That’s why we’re providing free and unlimited access to MessageBird Inbox for non-profits and healthcare organizations to connect people with the aid and resources they need.

Provide a lifeline to those in need

Make it easy for members of your community to reach out to you on any communication channel — phone, email, text message, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. Share critical updates and answer questions in a timely manner.

Activate and organize volunteer relief

Recovery efforts almost always require the assistance of supportive volunteers. Inbox helps you organize and assign work to make the most of their time. Training volunteers on how to use Inbox takes just a few minutes, so they can get up-to-speed quickly.

Scale your efforts and maximize your impact

Use MessageBird’s automation tools to help drive your initiatives even further. Build chatbots to automate the collection of information or respond to frequently asked questions. Triage phone calls to make sure the most urgent concerns get prioritized.

Our commitment to doing good

MessageBird recently launched our $10M NGO fund to support social impact and humanitarian efforts across the globe.

Dulu, Kami merasa sudah cukup beruntung dengan hanya mengirimkan 1 juta pesan dalam 4-5 jam. Dengan MessageBird, kami dapat mengirimkan 1 juta pesan dalam 10 menit. Setiap detik penting, MessageBird benar – benar menyelamatkan nyawa manusia.
Frank Hoen

Kami di sini untuk membantu!

Di design dengan keamanan tingkat tinggi

Standar produk kami dibuat dengan tingkat keamanan enterprise.

Bantuan kelas dunia

Layanan bantuan 24/7 untuk Anda dan tim, melalui kantor MessageBird di 7 negara.

Memenuhi aturan hukum

Produk kami memenuhi hukum dan peraturan internasional, termasuk GDPR dan PSD2.

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