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You don't have to choose between customer satisfaction and cost efficiency

Learn how MessageBird helps businesses achieve support solutions that delight customers and keep costs low.

Don’t leave your customers hanging

Customer support happens everywhere — not just over the phone or by email. Respond to customer inquiries no matter where they are, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Business, SMS, and more.
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Accelerate time-to-resolution

Promote agent efficiency and improve the customer experience with a suite of automation tools built for your fast-growing business — workflows, ticket routing and assignment, chatbots and more.

Smart data

Scale with the help of AI

Inicia a conversa com os usuários, responda a perguntas de clientes e facilite oportunidades potenciais diretamente do seu site ou aplicativo.

Key values

Solve every support use case

MessageBird offers pre-packaged solutions to get you started right away. See a few examples below, or work with our Solutions Engineering team to build out the precise use cases fit for your business.

Call-to-messaging deflection

Increase agent productivity by deflecting phone calls to SMS or messaging apps — where agents can handle 4-5 conversations concurrently.

Self-serve chatbots

Most customer inquiries can be answered without a live agent. Chatbots let you surface helpful resources like Knowledge Center articles so customers can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Advanced ticket routing

Get tickets to the right agents based on their expertise, spoken language, technical ability and more with skill-based routing.

Customer story

Aramex increases customer support productivity by 2.7x

A sudden increase in customer support tickets due to COVID-19 shipping demands inundated Aramex staff. Read more to learn how customer support productivity increased by nearly 3x with MessageBird.

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Segura por padrão

Segurança de nível empresarial incorporada por padrão em nossa plataforma e produtos.

Suporte de nível global

Suporte 24/7 para você e sua equipe, com escritórios em 7 países.

Escalabilidade global

Feito de acordo com todas as leis e regulamentações internacionais, incluindo GDPR e PSD2.
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