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Powering realtime experiences for mobile and web

Bi-directional hosted APIs that are flexible, scalable and easy to use. We create and maintain complex infrastructure so you can build the realtime features your users need, fast.

What can you build with Pusher?

Realtime Charts

From Dashboards to stock charts. Update data instantly.

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Critical transactional information, delivered every time.

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Location Tracking

From food delivery to order status, realtime updates at scale.

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In-App Chat

Bring delightful conversational experiences to all of your apps.

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Send push notifications with scalable delivery, security and insights

Beams is a cross-platform push notifications API designed for developers who need to deliver critical transactional information in realtime, without complex integrations and maintenance.


Native notification support for iOS, Android and web.

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Scalable Delivery

Broadcast at over 1 million messages per minute.

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Create secure channels for all push-enabled devices.

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Delivery and open tracking to optimize when you send.

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Bring next level realtime features to your apps. Simple, scalable, secure.

From dashboards to gaming to collaborative editing and more, Pusher Channels lets you simplify your stack and quickly integrate the realtime features your users expect into any web or mobile application.

Build Live Chat, Collaboration, and Data

Build live chat and real-time data into any application.

Managed Web Socket Connects

Ultra-low latency with automatic fallbacks.

Flexible and intuitive Pub/Sub messaging

Delivering billions of messages every month.

End to End Encryption

GDPR and HIPAA compliant encryption features.

What can you build with Pusher Channels?

Realtime Charts, Graphs, and Results

Update dashboards in realtime, whatever the metric: stock tickers, cryptocurrency prices, odds updates, match scores, application metrics, and more.
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Presence Indicators

Show who is online right now in a document, game, chat, or any other collaborative app.
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Realtime Location

Display the realtime location of a food delivery, share a dynamic location with friends, or even create a geofence to trigger location-based alerts.
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Collaboration and activity feeds

Update a live list of events to display the latest activity and comments in any social or professional network.
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Drive engagement and upgrade customer satisfaction with feature rich in-app chat functionality.
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Synchronize game state between players, and add multi-user interactions to your games and apps.
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The full customer interaction toolkit


Organize multiple channels into threaded conversations with Inbox.

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Omnichannel Widget

Connect with your customers through live chat on your website.

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Conversations API

Manage customer conversations across channels with one API

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