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Send and receive SMS messages, with an API trusted by the world’s most innovative and fast-growing companies.

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Send messages with more speed, deliverability, and reliability

As the only communications platform registered as a carrier, MessageBird allows you to send and receive messages faster, safer, and cheaper.

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Send SMS messages at scale
Whether you’re sending a few hundred or a few million messages, our reliable auto-scaling API ensures that your messages get delivered on time.
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Deliver messages around the world
Connect with your customers around the world. Choose from localized, virtual phone numbers in more than 70 countries worldwide.
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Reach customers in any situation
Always reach your customers and be reachable thanks to MessageBird’s built-in redundancies, failovers, and direct-to-carrier connections.

Built to unburden developers

Programmable SMS is built with developers in mind. MessageBird’s API ensures that you can start sending messages in minutes and rely on industry-leading deliverability.

curl -X POST \
-H 'Authorization: AccessKey YOUR_ACCESS_KEY' \
-d "recipients=31612345678" \
-d "originator=MessageBird" \
-d "body=This is a test message"
  • Extensive API documentation
  • Production-ready SDKs
  • Pre-built 2FA solutions
  • Free test credits, no trial period
  • Connecterra

    "Complexity makes it difficult to reach customers on a global scale. We chose MessageBird because it has architected for geographic and regulatory differences from day one—enabling us to use an SMS-alert system as an addition to our app."

    Saad Ansari
    Founder, CTO
    Connecterra drives customer value with Programmable SMS
    • ✔ Delivering critical updates to farmers globally
    • ✔ Reducing overall farming costs
    • ✔ Integrating cloud communications with IoT, AI, and machine learning

    Never pay more than you should

    Leverage our global scale and infrastructure to get the best price for your messages.

    Competitive rates
    Our routing technology gets you the best rates at the best quality.
    Pay as you go
    Pay only for what you use. No contracts. No capacity planning.
    High-volume discounts
    Take advantage of bulk pricing for high-volume messaging.
    Free inbound SMS
    Only pay for outgoing SMS. Inbound messages are free.
    sms iconLocal SMS
    Fast, reliable message delivery through our globally connected API.
    per message

    Join 15,000 companies worldwide

    MessageBird is trusted by businesses of all sizes thanks to our commitment to data security, international expertise, and world-class support.

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