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WhatsApp Business API

Connect to users on the world's most popular messaging app with our WhatsApp Business API and Inbox.

Reduce cost and boost sales

Support customers on WhatsApp

Give your support team the ability to engage and assist customers on WhatsApp Business. Agents handle tickets 3x faster compared to phone calls.

Automate alerts and notifications

Send order updates, delivery alerts, reminders, and more at a fraction of the cost of traditional messaging channels, while achieving high open rates.

Send rich promotional messages

Cut through the noise, move your email marketing to WhatsApp and take advantage of up to 75% read rates and 15% click-through rates.

Learn more about promotional messages

Your WhatsApp for Business Partner

Verified business accounts

We help you navigate the WhatsApp for Business sign up process through streamlined, end-to-end onboarding.

Full WhatsApp feature set

We enable users to take advantage of all WhatsApp has to offer including Template Messages, rich media, and more.

The best business tools for WhatsApp

The fastest, most effective automatable communication platform for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business API

Build, scale, integrate, and quickly move to production with our REST API. Rapidly prototype in our WhatsApp Sandbox, use the complete WhatsApp feature set, and drive engagement all through a single API.

curl -X "POST" "" \\-H "Authorization: AccessKey YOUR-API-KEY" \\-H "Content-Type: application/json" \\
--data '{ "to":"+31XXXXXXXXX", "from":"WHATSAPP-CHANNEL-ID", "type":"text", "content":{ "text":"Hello!" }, "reportUrl":"" }'


Inbox is where your team interacts with customers through WhatsApp conversations. It gives your team full context from previous conversations and order history, and has powerful automations for chat bots, auto-replies, and more. Plus, it works natively across all the channels you use like Messenger, SMS, Twitter, WeChat, and more.

Learn more about Inbox

Flow Builder

Build, scale, integrate, and quickly move to production with our REST API. Rapidly prototype in our WhatsApp Sandbox, use the complete WhatsApp feature set, and drive engagement all through a single API.

Learn more about Flow Builder

Fast implementation

Take advantage of our WhatsApp support tools and get up and running in no time.

Get more done

Create efficient interactions and set your team up for success with smart features.

Easily integrated

Integrate with existing tooling and drive effective response across your business.

WhatsApp Template Manager

Use customizable, pre-approved WhatsApp message templates.

Let auto-reply help you

Create a WhatsApp FAQ bot, and improve your agents’ focus.

Set up Google Places

Create a flow that looks up the closest location of your business on WhatsApp.

Broadcast templates

Broadcast any WhatsApp Template Messages with Flow Builder.

Automatic intent recognition

Distinguish topic-specific messages and route them to the right agents.

Integrate Google Forms

Link your Google signup forms with WhatsApp using Flow Builder.

Add WhatsApp to your website

Let your customers initiate conversations with the Omnichannel Widget.

Create click-to adds

Build Facebook ads that easily lead to a WhatsApp conversation.

Fetch data from third-party sources

Push and pull data from third-party sources using HTTP requests.

Why WhatsApp with MessageBird?

Step-by-step onboarding

WhatsApp branded business identity

Biggest feature coverage in the market

Early access to new WhatsApp features

Integrate with Inbox, Flow Builder, and our API

Access to WhatsApp Template Manager

Easily sync and migrate from your existing tools

Auto-replies and sentiment analysis

Make the transition to MessageBird today

Already working with a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider? Now, you can change providers while keeping your existing WhatsApp number and setup. Switch over without any downtime or service disruption.

Learn more about migrating

You're in good hands

Secure by design

Enterprise-grade security is built into our platform and products by default.

World-class support

24/7 support for you and your team, with offices in 7 countries.

Global scalability

Built for international laws and regulations, including GDPR and PSD2.
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