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Prevent fraud and protect user accounts with multi-factor authentication

Authenticate users and transactions via SMS, Email and Voice — with a scalable and configurable API for One-Time Passwords.
Trusted by over 25,000 companies

Securely scale your business with multi-factor authentication

In a world of frequent account breaches and password dumps, businesses must implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to properly protect users and prevent data exfiltration. MessageBird’s Verify API allows businesses to fight fraud before it happens, without the heavy lifting.

Save with success-based pricing

Never spend another cent on failed verification attempts — Verify ensures you only pay for successful authentications.

Easy implementation, low maintenance

Verify generates time-based, one-time PIN codes for you — to save time, free up development resources and reduce the complexity of MFA management.

Increase your conversion rates

Optimize your onboarding and login process to acquire real customers faster, while you decrease operational costs and retain more users.

Add authentication at any step of your customer’s journey

Account creation

Require verification when a user creates an account to prevent fraud, abuse, and bots.

Login verification

Protect user accounts and their data by offering multi-factor authentication when logging in.

Transaction verification

Add an extra layer of security when processing transactions, sharing files or processing signatures.

Account updates

Avoid account takeovers by enabling customers to use MFA when making changes to their accounts.

Verify API features

Authentication channels

  • SMS/Text One-Time Passwords (OTP)
  • Flash Message OTP
  • Text-to-Speech/Voice Message OTP
  • Email OTP

Configurable API

  • Automatic OTP generation
  • Built-in passcode verification
  • Customizable expiration periods
  • Between 6 and 10 digit OTPs

Easy integration

  • SecureEnvoy, Dell EMC, SafeNet compatible
  • Prebuilt SDKs and documentation
  • White-glove integration services
  • Low-code integration with Flow Builder

Enterprise-ready features

  • Local numbers in 140 countries
  • Shortcodes and alphanumeric IDs
  • Performance reporting and logs
  • Best-in-class deliverability

Multi-factor authentication optimized for speed, quality and cost

Infrastructure built for global scale

Whether you’re sending hundreds or millions of codes, our platform has 250+ direct-to-carrier connections and sends 40% of all commercial emails, giving you best-in-class deliverability.

Local numbers for global verification

Use our Numbers API to programmatically buy and use local numbers in 140 countries, and easily deploy verification in new markets.

Dedicated MFA support and expertise

Leverage our industry-leading expertise and 24/7 support across 10 global hubs to continually optimize your MFA.

GDPR, ISO, PSD2 badges

Enterprise-grade security, compliant worldwide

MessageBird is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, GDPR and PSD2 compliant. Plus, all data is encrypted at REST and in transit — with direct, encrypted end-to-end SMS connections.

How the Verify API works


User initiates the verification process with an action, such as a login or transaction attempt.


Verify sends the user a 6-10 digit verification code via SMS, Voice, or Email, and waits for a response.


If the user’s input matches the code delivered, Verify then validates the verification as successful.

Trusted by enterprises,
loved by developers

Get up and running in minutes on our reliable, auto-scaling APIs with extensive documentation, complete API references and intuitive SDKs.

Read the docs
accessKey := "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY"

// Create a client.
c := messagebird.New(accessKey)

verify, err := verify.Create(c, "", &verify.VerifyParams{
  Originator: "",
  // The originator email domain needs to be set up as an email channel in your account at   Type: "email"
var messagebird = require('messagebird')('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');

var originator = "";// The originator email domain needs to be set up as an email channel in your account at
var recipient = "";
var additionalParams = { timeout: 60}

//Creating a token with email
messagebird.verify.createWithEmail(originator, recipient, additionalParams, function (err, response) {
 if (err) {
   return console.log(err); } console.log(response);
var client = Client.CreateDefault("YOUR_ACCESS_KEY");

var optionalArguments = new VerifyOptionalArguments
   Type = MessageType.Email,
   Originator = ""
   // The originator email domain needs to be set up as an email channel in your account at

var verify = client.CreateVerify("", optionalArguments);
final MessageBirdService wsr = new
final MessageBirdClient messageBirdClient =
new MessageBirdClient(wsr);Verify verify = null;

VerifyRequest request = new VerifyRequest("");
// The originator email domain needs to be set up as an email channel in your account at;

verify = messageBirdClient.sendVerifyToken(request);
$messageBird = new Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');

$verify = new Verify();$verify->recipient = '';

$extraOptions = [   'type' => 'email',   'originator' => '',   // The originator email domain needs to be set up as an email channel in your account at   'timeout' => 60,];
curl -X POST 'Authorization: AccessKey YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'-d "type=email"-d ""-d ""\ # The originator email domain needs to be set up as an email channel in your account at
Prebuilt SDKs

Client and server libraries in everything from Node, PHP, Java and more.

Easy integration

Prebuilt integrations for Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk, Zapier and more.

Extensive API docs

Thorough documentation to help developers build quickly and efficiently.


Simple, step-by-step tutorials and guides to get up and running in minutes.


Only pay for conversions to put your business and customers first

Verify Standard

$0.04 USD

Per successful verification* + channel fee

Volume discounts for channel and message rates are available.

Verify Success

Pay only per successful verification

No additional channel fees. Success-based pricing enables more predictable spend and helps prevent unexpected costs caused by malicious agents.

*Successful verification occurs when an end-user's token matches with MessageBird’s token. A token is the OTP code generated by MessageBird.

Establish user verification with global reach, no matter the scale

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