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Verify API

Confirm identity to secure accounts, authenticate transactions, and prevent fraud with a REST API for two-factor authentication (2FA) and one-time passwords (OTP).

Safeguard your customers

Verify API is easy to integrate and can be completely customized to your required security requirements and use cases.

No fees, no subscriptions, no tiers

Access Verify API at no cost. We only charge for the SMS or Voice messages you send during the authentication process.

Works with existing OTP services

Integrate Verify straight away with all well-known OTP services, including SecurEnvoy, Dell EMC, and SafeNet.

Reliable protection, worldwide

Authenticate at scale

Whether you’re verifying hundreds or millions of users, our network ensures for rapid, reliable delivery.

Rely on global coverage

Direct connections with over 240 carriers give you best-in-class deliverability around the world.

Integrate with ease

Our API is designed to quickly and easily integrate with your product, application, or websites.

Automate verification

Build Verification into your applications with SDK’s available in 8 different languages. Make the request to our API and receive a verification response


Add your API access key


Specify your number as the originator


Designate a recipient to verify


Make a verification request


Our API responds confirming verification

## Request

curl -X POST \
-H 'Authorization: AccessKey test_gshuPaZoeEG6ovbc8M79w0QyM' \
-d "recipient=31612345678" \
-d "originator=YourName"

## Response

{"id": "4e213b01155d1e35a9d9571v00162985",  "href":   "
"recipient": 31612345678,  
"reference": null,  
"messages": {
"status": "sent",  
"createdDatetime": "2016-05-03T14:26:57+00:00",  "validUntilDatetime": "2016-05-03T14:27:27+00:00"

Customize verification to your business

Flash or SMS Messages

Send SMS or flash messages that quickly appear on screens when sent.


Use the Verify API for free. Just pay for the SMS or voice messages you send.


Send OTPs via voice calls in any of our 26 supported languages.

Connect to anything

Tailor the verification message and the process to fit your business.


Integrate with OTP services including SecurEnvoy, Dell EMC, and SafeNet.

Length and time

Code lengths from six to ten characters and custom expiration times.

Flow Builder

Build with or without code

Write code, or drag and drop with Flow Builder. Empower your entire team to create, update, and launch 2FA or OTP solutions using custom or pre-built flows.

"Complexity makes it difficult to reach customers on a global scale. We chose MessageBird because it has architected for geographic and regulatory differences from day one—enabling us to use an SMS-alert system as an addition to our app."
Saad Ansari
Founder & CTO

You're in good hands

Get the most out of MessageBird, whether you're just starting out as a business or already talking to millions of customers around the world.

Secure by design

Enterprise-grade security is built into our products by default.

World-class support

24/7 support for you and your team, with MessageBird offices in 7 countries.

Regulatory compliance

Built for international laws and regulations, including GDPR and PSD2.

Discover the best platform for verification today

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