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Microenterprise waiver under the European Electronic Communications Code

  1. a right to have a copy of my Agreement made available to me in a durable medium (other than the easily downloadable copy that has been made available);
  2. a right to have a summary of my Agreement (known as a “contract summary”) provided to me;
  3. a right, where MessageBird bills me on the basis of either time or volume consumption, to have a facility to monitor and control the usage of such Services, including access to information to the level of consumption of such Services;
  4. a right to be notified before any consumption limit included in my pricing plan is reached or when a Service included in my pricing plan is fully consumed;
  5. a right to have a summin the event that MessageBird specifies in my Order Form a minimum contract duration which is longer than the maximum statutory period which applies to me under applicable law, a right to a shorter contract period;ary of my Agreement (known as a “contract summary”) provided to me;
  6. a right to have all of the rights listed in (a) to (e) apply to all aspects of the Services I purchase from MessageBird as a bundle, even where applicable law does not apply those rights in (a) to (e) to all aspects of its Services; and
  7. a right, if I subscribe to additional Services provided by MessageBird, not to have the original duration of my Agreement for other Services extended to reflect the contract duration of the additional Services.
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