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Wir arbeiten mit allen Arten von Unternehmen aus allen Branchen zusammen, um ihren Kunden fantastische Erfahrungen in der Kommunikation zu bieten.

Enabling real-time notifications at scale using MessageBird

PagerDuty is a digital operations management platform that makes alerting dependable, simple and accessible, so that its customers can keep their digital services up and running properly. Pairing this with MessageBird’s telecom supernetwork (infrastructure), PagerDuty’s platform helps to reduce downtime and outages for its customers around the globe.

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Communications that make city life more accessible

Glovo is an on-demand delivery app created to deliver the best products within a city — from food to pharmaceuticals. Since partnering with MessageBird, Glovo’s lead to acquisition of drivers upscaled by 200%. Furthermore, its courier retention rose by 20% in some segments and its local business partners experienced 40% time saved while onboarding.

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Using WhatsApp and Flow Builder to increase customer satisfaction

NUJEK, an on-demand platform in Indonesia, provides delivery and other professional transportation services all in one mobile app. It partnered with MessageBird to get direct access to the WhatsApp Business API and automate its customer, courier and partner interactions. Since then, NUJEK’s whole communication journey has become more efficient and reliable.

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Digitizing an excellent in-store customer experience

In just a matter of days, Guzman y Gomez (GyG) rapidly pivoted online to stay connected with its customer base. It consolidated communications into one platform, implemented automation and integrated into existing software. MessageBird’s AI platform allows GyG to automatically detect between complaints and emergencies to escalate necessary issues and mitigate risks.

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Using WhatsApp to power a more profitable and efficient food ordering experience

By partnering with MessageBird, Reorder has been able to rapidly develop and bring their solution to market. Integrating with WhatsApp’s APIs, Reorder offers their clients a robust WhatsApp shop to connect with customers. It has allowed businesses to continue focusing on producing well-crafted food, and not on how to build an online sales solution.

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Unterstützung beim Wiederverkauf von Tickets von Person zu Person

TicketSwap is a platform that provides a convenient and fair place to buy and sell e-tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theatre, and the like. It leverages MessageBird's cloud communication platform to protect and support customers from the moment they create an account, right up until they walk through the venue doors.

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Die Landwirtschaft ins 21. Jahrhundert bringen

As Connecterra expanded worldwide, it needed a cloud communications provider that could deliver SMS alerts and notifications quickly and reliably to farmers in some of the most remote corners of the world. Connecterra chose MessageBird to automate communication with farmers via SMS messaging to help build sustainable and economically viable dairy farms.

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Kurierkommunikation 3 Mal produktivere

With a sudden, global rise in shipping, Aramex’s support team was quickly inundated with a sustained higher volume of support tickets. Now, customers reach Aramex on their preferred channels (WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, SMS and Google Business Messages), and they can track packages, find branch locations, and more all through automated flows.

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Kommunikationen, die Krankenhäusern jährlich Millionen spart

DrDoctor befähigt Krankenhäuser in ganz Großbritannien, die Patientenversorgung durch automatisierte, digitalisierte Kommunikation zu modernisieren. Mit dem MessageBird Flow Builder ermöglicht DrDoctor den Krankenhäusern des National Health Service (NHS), programmgesteuerte SMS- und Sprachnachrichten an Patienten zu senden und so die Zahl der nicht wahrgenommenen und verpassten Termine drastisch zu reduzieren.

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A better way to reliably collect COVID-19 data at scale

Crown Coronation is an international clinical trial created in response to COVID-19, aiming to help decrease the chance of catching it or reduce the symptoms when you do get it. The Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at the University College of London set up a massive trial across the United States and South Africa as quickly as possible to combat the pandemic.

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Automating engagement with 50,000 WhatsApp sellers to drive revenue

OLX partnered with MessageBird to better connect with their customers through WhatsApp, SMS, and Voice and create automated communication flows on those channels. OLX increased engagement and upselling to their B2C sellers, better connections to their C2C sellers to help them sell on OLX, and proactive engagement with buyers through personalized ads.

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Verbesserung der Konversion und der Kundenbindung für Aramex
Erhöhung der Öffnungsraten bei OLX
Senkung der Ausfallraten, wenn Krankenhäuser DrDoctor verwenden
4,8 Millionen
von Ticketswap versendete E-Mails in einer Woche

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Ruby Wolff

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